Partner up

We work closely together with ecommerce Agencies, technical consulting firms and implementation specialists. We welcome new partners as we grow our solution ORP in Europe and South-Africa.

Solution partner

Our ORP solution partners are fully certified to implement ORP independently. The benefits for ORP solution partners include training via hands-on, carefully written manuals and dedicated support. The first implementation will be supervised by at least one ORP consultant. This guarantees the safety and accuracy of the implementation.

Reselling partner

As an ORP reselling partner, you and your customers benefit from the benefits of the ORP platform. ORP offers your customers definitive solutions during omni-channel challenges such as: inventory, order and product management. In addition, wolfpack provides you with marketing and communication tools for successful sales. A potential partnership generates turnover, brand value and sometimes even an investment from wolfpack DCS. The implementation of ORP is carried out by the permanent wolfpack team, in close cooperation with your team.

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