• One overview for all orders for customer service

  • Use the OMS UI

  • Integrate the OMS with your customer service sofware

  • Order on behalf of customer

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Strengthen customer service

Customer Service agents have a view of all orders. They can see the status of the order, and answer any order related question for the consumer. Track-and trace codes are integrated on order level. CS agents can see the Payment Service Provider reference, and see status of refunds.

CS agents can order on behalf of customers. Customers that are calling may have trouble finalizing an order, and CS agents can take over to ensure the sale. CS agents can also generate orders without payment in case of issue with an original delivery.

OMS tool

The OMS can be used stand-alone as order management tool for Customer Service. Often retailers use CS software to manage customer contacts. The OMS integrates well with these applications, to ensure that CS agents can manage both the contacts and the orders from one place. One example is the OMS – Salesforce integration.