• Let consumers choose the most conveniant return location

  • Increase traffic to stores

  • Simplify return process in store and in DC

  • Automate return to refund process

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Return anywhere

Returns are time-consuming for consumer and retailers. A necessary evil for retailers, who have accepted that a smooth returns process also provides opportunities. Return online orders in-store creates traffic to your stores. This increases possibilities to sell items, and improves the connection of your consumer with your brand.

The OMS allows store staff to easily look up the order, and accept the return in store. Refunds can be done online via the automated refund process, or even in-store. Giving the choice to consumers increases their options and reduces their hassle, thus increasing customer satisfaction.


Refunds are smoothly managed by the OMS. Refund amounts are calculated by the OMS and refunds are put in the refund waiting room. Admin users can review individual refunds when needed, and approve refunds in bulk. The order status is changed automatically and the consumer is notified of the pending refund.