• Manage product content in one place

  • Import and export product content in bulk

  • Review incomplete content

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Manage product content

The Wolfpack PCM allows you to take control of your product data. The PCM enables users to enrich product content with commercial texts, assign images and manage product attributes.

The user-friendly UI gives you the opportunity to enter and edit your product data manually. It is also possible to export and import product data in bulk, to avoid repetitive work. The PCM also connects with other systems such as ERP or PLM to enter basic data automatically.

Easy overview

The PCM provides an easy overview of all products, which can be sorted in several ways. To manage the work you can sort on product completeness status. A product can be new, partly complete or complete. The product content will be pushed to all sales channels as soon as it is complete… so any other status will focus the team to finish the work