ORP PCM is the central place from which retailers can manage product content and push real-time to all sales channels. Sales channels include the own webstore, own stores and external market places. All channels require similar information: product commercial descriptions in multiple languages, images, prices and promotions. Wolfpack PCM assembles information from several systems, allows enrichment within PCM and pushes the information real-time from PCM to all channels once content is completed.

Product Channel Management

Create product forms including validation
Take control of your product data — enrich content, assign images and media files, and craft compelling product descriptions.
Update and edit product content
Pull in raw product data from ERP/PLM/other system. In ORP PCM product content can be created, commercial texts included
Create and manage product attributes
In ORP PCM product attributes can be created and managed per product category. Each category has specific attributes to optimize relevance and reduce redundancy
Manage and edit product content in unlimted number of langauges.
One to many pricebooks in all currencies
Pull in price information from ERP or other system. Push different pricebooks to sales channels
Bulk import/export via excel
Make product changes in bulk by importing excel files to boost efficiency and productivity by reducing manual effort. (update all attributes per language or multiple languages at once.). Product export & import at variant level. Status dashboard for product imports. Show error message with reason after failed import
Bulk actions
Make product changes in bulk to boost efficiency and productivity by reducing manual effort. (update status, categories, attributes, etc).
Asset manager for images
wolfpack's PCM Asset Manager centralizes images, stored both internally and externally, in one place.
API connectivity
Full API that allows you to export product content, catalog model, global settings and media resources

The ORP PCM insight section allows for easy management of content. For each product the status can be reviewed. This can also be done by product category, or for example for all products that need content before being completed and pushed to all channels. Stock for each product in store and online is shown.




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