Order management. The OMS is the central place where all orders from all sales channels come together. The status of each order can be reviewed, including track & trace and payment transactions, RMA’s, notes and status history in addition returns and refunds are  managed via the OMS user interface. Since all transactions are being handled via the OMS a  near real-time view of stock which in turn is pushed to all sales channels to optimize the available-to-sell stock.

ORP OMS enables omni-channel journeys for end-consumers. Sales channels are supplied with order details from orders placed in other sales channels. This allows for many omni-channel journeys and transactions, returns and optimizes service to the consumer in every channel.


Individual orders can be reviewed within ORP OMS. The status of the order is shown, the track and trace and payment information is included. Service Agents can manage the order in ORP OMS or an integrated CS tool such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Finance can manage refunds individually or in bulk. Through integration with WMS the return to refund process is automated.

The complete order list can be searched and analyzed in many ways. For example search on name, order number, date or even type of product in the order.

ORP  Business analysis aggregates order information from all channels to show sales data by channel, by product or combinations thereof. This analysis section benefits from the integration role of ORP at the center of the IT infrastructure.

Order Management

Ship to home
Standard online delivery
Ship to pick-up point
Standard online delivery
Click & collect
in-store pick up of items sent from DC to store
Urban warehouse
in-store orderpicking end send from store
Reserve online and pick in store
Pay in store
View all (personalized) store orders in website “My account” section
View store orders for known customers in their my-account section on the website, enables easy return for instore purchased items
View store orders on POS
Vie orders from webshop and other stores in any store
Order on POS from DC stock
send to home, collect in store
Order on kiosk from DC stock
send to home, collect in store
Mixed basket from store
Buy one item in store, ship other item to home
Refund in store
Search order on POS via ORP. Change order status to returned, update relevant systems and automatically trigger refund via PSP
Automated refunds
PDF invoices
Generate PDFs for invoicing, credit notes.
Stock Management
Order Online using store stock
ORP pushes all atore stock to the webshop, enabling orders from that stock that can be shipped via DC or directly from store
Show store stock online
Customers can view the store stock when they are on the product detail page, which enables them to choose to pick-up in store or send to home

During the business analysis phase of any ORP implementation, we jointly map all data and order flows. This ensure that all data form all relevant systems is shared correctly and timely.


Example flow ORP

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