omnichannel realisation

Our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) is our state of the art cloud-based platform that reinvents retail sales productivity. This software solution enables retailers to manage their stock, product info & orders across all online and offline sales channels. The Omnichannel Retail Platform transforms the silos of web, stores, and marketplaces into a seamless omnichannel world. ORP is the middleware solution that manages the flow of data between all systems.

Omnichannel Retail Platform: the solution

Transform your iT team into a technology enabler,
a quick overview of the benefits:

  • Manage orders (including returns, exchanges, and refunds) in one single place;
  • Efficient product content management;
  • Have a single overview on your entire inventory (stock) in real time across all channels;
  • Connects easy with marketplaces throughout the order/product lifecycle
  • Reduce cost of future IT integrations.

Become a partner

In collaboration with leading buros and specialists, we offer the solution for the omni-channel challenges of our customers.

Solution partner
Our ORP solution partners are fully certified to implement ORP independently. The benefits for ORP solution partners include training via hands-on, carefully written manuals and dedicated support. The first implementation will be supervised by at least one ORP consultant. This guarantees the safety and accuracy of the implementation.

Reselling partner
As an ORP reselling partner, you and your customers benefit from the benefits of the ORP platform. ORP offers your customers definitive solutions during omni-channel challenges such as: inventory, order and product management. In addition, wolfpack provides you with marketing and communication tools for successful sales. A potential partnership generates turnover, brand value and sometimes even an investment from wolfpack DCS. The implementation of ORP is carried out by the permanent wolfpack team, naturally in close cooperation with your team.

Do you want to know more about ORP or want to become a partner, please contact us

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