VIA VAI Chose The Shoe That Fits: Wolfpack

VIA VAI is a well-known brand that has been a leading footwear retailer in the Netherlands and beyond, for over thirty years. With a strong foundation in both B2B and B2C markets, VIA VAI recognized the changing landscape of retail and the growing importance of marketplaces, and so they sought to innovate and streamline their operations. In this way, they could continue to lead the market for years to come. We spoke to two leads from both VIA VAI and our very own Dutch office to find out how it all went down.

The communication was great. We discussed everything with each other, and Wolfpack was really honest throughout. We quickly got to know each other and developing a rapport was so easy. They’re a pleasure to work with.

Emy Kools, Buying & Logistics Coordinator, VIA VAI


Out With The Old

The means of managing product details and webshop attributes that VIA VAI had used previously were becoming harder and harder to work with as their product line continued to grow. VIA VAI needed a solution that would simplify their processes, make managing communication around warehouse movements easier, and just generally smooths the logistics powering their operation. It was clear that they wanted to find a stable, centralized system that could integrate with various platforms, making everyone’s day-to-day life easier, and offering the potential to grow with their eCommerce goals.


In With The New

We used our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) to integrate VIA VAI's ERP, its website, and other sales marketplaces and platforms such as Channable and channels like OMODA and Fashion Cloud. This integration via ORP now acts as the stable middleware, creating a central point where all of VIA VAI’s eCommerce can be managed. The transition to this new system was definitely ambitious, but at Wolfpack we do love a challenge. After a lot of planning, it was time to put it all together. 


Without A Hitch

We took all that planning and turned it into action, delivering a successful implementation of the new system, which went live seamlessly. This new setup not only streamlined VIA VAI's product management across several storeviews in Magento but also significantly reduced the time and effort required to update product data across every channel. With the technical foundation in place, VIA VAI is now focusing on further expanding its reach through new and existing channels.

It’s brilliant working with clients like VIA VAI because it was obvious how much they cared about the project and how important a strong outcome was to them. Nothing is better than partnering with people who share your passion for the work.

Marieke Snijder, Project Manager, Wolfpack


Growing Together

The project, while being more complicated than initially anticipated, demonstrated the importance of effective communication and a strong partnership between two truly committed teams. We were open and honest with VIA VAI throughout every phase of the project – which is something we always strive for with every partner. They rewarded that candor with their own openness to learn and engage with new ideas. 

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