What we have done

  • Implementation of the Order Management System
  • Implementation of the PCM
  • Creation of the Embellishment Application
  • Creation of VIP Room application
  • Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud
  • Integration with the Cegid POS
  • Integration with Nedap

Manchester City is one of the major soccer clubs and brands in the world, with a truly global fanbase. The merchandise is sold and shipped globally and offline at the stadium stores, mostly at peaktimes around the home games of the team. Our Omni-channel retail platform was implemented to serve as the central OMS and PCM, and connects with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and the other Salesforce clouds. For the stadium store, French POS Cegid was integrated.


Why we love this project

Manchester City not only has on of the largest fanbases in the world. They amin to offer fans an optimal experiences both online and in the stadium. Besides the OMS and PCM, Wolfpack implemented the embellishment app. With this App, the team can create personalized T-shirts for the fans. Wolfpack also created the application to enable fans in VIP rooms to order a personalized shirt during the game, and get it delivered at the seat.


About Manchester City

Manchester City is one of the best soccer teams in the world. The team has won the premiership league 4 times of the last 5 editions. It’s star players are hugely popular, and new signings of players are major events. Most recent signing Erling Håland is expected to be one of the key players in the coming season.


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