Top-notch dropshipment order-process for Sissy Boy

Sissy-Boy digitalized their order-process with their most important furniture partner. A company called: “De Eekhoorn” produces furniture for Sissy-Boy that is sold to customers through all sales channels. Sissy-Boy asked us to help them to digitalize this process. We developed a solution that empowers Sissy-Boy customers to compose and personalize their own couch in-store or at home. This provides a great solution for consumers and store employees, but it doesn’t stop there. Wolfpack automated all steps in the order fulfillment process, and connected the Sissy-Boy and supplier systems seamlessly. As a result the time spent on administrative processes was reduced by over 50%.


Sissy Boy

Why we love this solution


Sissy Boy


The whole order process from down-payment to delivery is now fully automatic along with the financial factoring in their ERP systems. We loved creating this solution as we were empowered by all parties to create the end-to-end solution across all systems.

Go ahead and have a look at the webshop and configure you new couch.

What we have done

  • Development of the webshop
  • Development of the Instore App
  • Custom development of the furniture application
  • Full two-way integration with drop shipment partner
  • Automated communication to customer for every step of the process
  • SEO/ SEA
  • Service Management


About Sissy Boy


Sissy-Boy is a unique fashion and lifestyle brand with morethan 40 stores in the Benelux today. Sissy-Boy is a brand with Dutch roots and a global attitude to life. A brand with a story. And this story is about food, drinks, care, styling and much more besides clothing. It is all about combinations and the special connections and experiences that result from this. Fashion with interior, styling with living, a dress with accessories. Together with Sissy-Boy you shape the basic needs of your life. The credo of Sissy-Boy is therefore: Life designed with Sissy-Boy.


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Founder and CFO
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