The Direct Connection To Amazon

At Wolfpack, we like to help clients connect with aggregators, but we recognize the immense potential of one marketplace in particular: Amazon. You’ve probably heard of it (!) That’s why we developed a direct Amazon connection through the Wolfpack ORP, here’s why that’s important.


Because of its vast reach and popularity, many of our clients want to target Amazon first in their eCommerce strategy. To address that demand, we’ve developed a direct ORP Amazon connection/app that simplifies and streamlines selling on Amazon, making it easier than ever for retailers to tap into the clear top dog of online marketplaces.


In It To Win It

Let’s start with a big-ticket statistic to get your attention. Every day, 3700 new sellers join the Amazon platform. That’s nearly one every thirty seconds. Retailers want to be on Amazon because it has the biggest market share – by a big margin as well. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably got Amazon on your mind, so why not either get started the right way or optimize your existing setup?


By using our ORP Amazon connection, retailers can significantly reduce manual work, as it automates the transfer of product information, prices, and orders between their system and Amazon. This automation is particularly valuable for businesses that experience a high volume of orders as a result of getting seen on a big marketplace like Amazon.


Some of our customers have seen their sales on Amazon skyrocket to 10 times the volume they achieve through their own web stores. With such explosive growth, having a system that can cope with the influx of orders is crucial for retailers to maintain their momentum and capitalize on Amazon's popularity. At scale, manual processing quickly becomes impractical and unsustainable. Our ORP Amazon connection enables retailers to map their products seamlessly on Amazon, ensuring smooth integration with the marketplace.


Connecting The Dots

It’s not just orders, though. Accurate stock information is critical when selling on Amazon, as the platform can penalize retailers for shortages. Our Amazon connection helps prevent these issues, by allowing you to allocate a specific percentage of your total stock to the platform, allowing you to evaluate its potential and control your growth all at the same time. Up-to-date stock, a positive stance in the eyes of Amazon, and fewer customer issues – what’s not to like?


Incorporating Amazon into your overall omnichannel strategy is a key consideration for modern retailers. As you develop your approach, it's essential to think about factors such as pricing and the role you want Amazon to play in your overall sales mix. For example, you may decide to charge more or less for Amazon customers or use the platform to support your other sales channels.


Amazon offers retailers immense potential as a sales channel, and the importance of integrating it effectively into your omnichannel strategy cannot be understated. Our ORP Amazon connection is designed to make it easier than ever for retailers to harness the power of the marketplace, streamline their operations, and unlock new levels of growth.


Want to start selling on Amazon, and get it right, too? Well, you need ORP from Wolfpack. It’s that simple, so contact us now.

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