Technical Integrations

No retailer is the same. Every organization has a unique software landscape of specific back-end systems and different technical integrations. That’s why wolfpack DCS not only deliver technical integrations with best-of-breed’ solutions, – but also with custom-made applications for e-commerce platforms, ERP system, payment solutions, POS systems, fulfillment solutions and marketplaces. With the help of the Enterprise Service Bus as a powerful middleware layer – and performance connector, we integrate all your back-end systems to front-end tools and management tools.

Powerful & Reliable Technical Integrations

Integrations with best-in-class providers

  • Connects with the largest e-commerce platforms like Demandware, Shopify+, Magento and Shopware
  • Connect with Marketing Automation and CRM packages such as Selligent, Spaaza, M-Wise, MyCard etc
  • ORP connects with several payment service providers such as Adyen, Spryng and Mollie.
  • Integrations with POS SRS and Cowhills
  • Scheduling, Monitoring, Logging (In depth detail of all running processes)

Security using Microsoft Key Vault

  • Security uses Microsoft Key Vault technology
  • Every transaction uses unique temporary token that is generated for registered devices and used to get access to information via APIs
  • Applications have no direct access to these cryptographic keys
  • Future proof: in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from May 2018
  • No user names and passwords are inserted in the code

Ecommerce integrations for webshops

Integrations with world-class Ecommerce platforms

  • Magento
  • Shopify +
  • SalesForce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware)
  • Shopware

We connect different systems to one integrated platform. Think about integrations with fulfillment providers, the ERP, a Payment Solution Provider. Is your e-commerce shop not listed? No worries. Contact us.

Integrations with ERP and POS systems

Integrations with best in class ERP and POS systems.

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics – NAVision & AX
  • StoreInfo
  • Cow Hills

Making the connections with ERP-systems and other IT-tools such as payment systems takes time and requires knowledge of your own business logic within your organization, – even with our Enterprise Service Bus and a good technical infrastructure. Contact us for more information about pricing, timelines, and advice.

Connecting Affiliates & External Marketplaces

From Amazon to Zalando — one tool to manage all your e-commerce

  • Manage any local & international marketplace
  • Sell in multiple places simultaneously
  • Manage orders from external sites as easily & effectively as your own
  • Maintain all stock on one central location for dropshipment
  • Manage your margins using business rules on stock levels

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Shopify+ connection with Microsoft Dynamics
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Salesforce connection with Microsoft Dynamics
Salesforce connection with CRM systems
Salesforce connections with financial  systems
Salesforce connection with PIM
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Magento connection with Microsoft Dynamics
Magento connection with CRM systems
Magento connections with financial  systems
Magento connection with PIM
Magento connection fulfillment