Connect to marketplaces

Market places are new sources of revenue
Expand the customer base
Use OMS connection to minimize effort for order fullfillment

Connect to market places

Market places like Amazon, Bol and Zalando have huge customer bases and thus provide a big opportunity for extra sales. They also form a source of new customers, customers not yet familiar with your brand or products. The OMS (and PCM) of wolfpack enable sales on market places. Directly or via a market place aggregator.

Getting started on market places, and maintaining the product and order feeds up-to-date can be a lot of hassle. The OMS (and PCM) reduces hassle and increases time to market.

Tradebyte BOL Amazon Channable

The OMS connects with leading market places like Amazon and BOL directly. The OMS pushes stock levels to the market place and receives orders. The PIM updates market places with all product content including images.

The OMS also connects with market places aggregators. These aggregators have connections with hundreds of market places in many countries. This unlocks even greater sources of new revenue.