Omnichannel Retail Platform: Software Components

Our Omnichannel Retail platform consists of multiple single software components to handle every order, return, exchange from any channel including refunds and loyalty. It allows you to enrich product content and data to increase retail productivity. It is first and foremost a high-performing middleware solution – also called Enterprise Service Bus. Above all, this ESB is a master connector that pulls orders from all systems. It shares content between all applications and holds the up-to-date overview of total stock. 3 modules operate on the core ESB layer: OMS (Order Management System), PIM (Product Information Management) and finally, the Marketplace Channel Manager

Order management system

Full visibility and control of orders and returns across every channel

  • Centrally manage the full lifecycle — from capture to
    orchestration to fulfillment
  • Allocate items for fulfillment based on business strategies (e.g. ship-from-store)
  • Update configuration, lifecycle and business logic in realtime
  • Coordinate business rules across channels
  • Create efficient workflows for approving refunds
  • View customer’s full order history — in-store and online

Product Info Management

All your content in one central location — with automatic updates pushed everywhere

  • All your content in one central location — with automatic updates pushed everywhere
  • Manage content for every channel and marketplace
  • Import, transform and export in all popular formats
  • Review stock availability at a glance, per size and location
  • Find products easily with full-text search
  • Create efficient workflows for your buying team
  • Connect seamlessly with translation software

Fully automated Image processor & Microsoft Azure CDN

Product images for every channel & view, processed from a single original

  • Process individual images for multiple view types
  • Rename files based on your naming convention to boost SEO
  • Specify different images for different marketplaces
  • Accelerate performance & improve availability for all channels
  • Powered by Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network for massive scalability and full global coverage

Market place Management

Marketplace Management - wolfpack dcs
  • Manage market places like, Zalando, amazon, Tmall and many more
  • Sell your stock in many places simultaneously
  • Manage your margins via business rules on maximum stock levels
  • Manage orders in market places as effectively as your own orders
  • Minimize stock locations: use drop shipments from one central DC

Inventory Management

A comprehensive view of your full inventory in real time

  • Pull data from every channel into one clear overview
  • Keep track of your full inventory in real time
  • Automatically direct orders to the right location for faster delivery
  • Optimize how you use and allocate inventory across your business
  • Manage your channel mix using business rules

Insights, Analysis & Dashboards

  • Use built-in dashboards and reports
  • Configure and send reports to your team on a regular basis
  • Track key metrics including order and return volumes, fulfillment flows, store fulfillment, inventory levels and sell through
  • Drill down to store-level performance on all key metrics
  • Global Stock API
  • Extract stock information from all channels (ERP, DC, stores, suppliers, marketplaces) to create one total view of stock
  • Direct each transaction towards the optimal stock location to drive speed of delivery of the orders
  • Maintain real-time view of total stock, as all transactions and other stock mutations are tracked in ORP
  • Optimize the way you use and allocate inventory across the business
  • Manage your channel mix via business rules on channels such as Amazon, Bol, T-mall (Alibaba), Wehkamp
Insights - Analysis - Dashboards - wolfpack dcs