Our solutions

Omni-channel Retail Platform (ORP)

Our core product: Omni-channel Retail Platform. ORP is our state of the art cloud-based platform that reinvents retail sales productivity. This software solution enables retailers to manage their stock, product info & orders across all online and offline sales channels.


Order Management System (OMS)

  • Have full visibility and control of your orders and returns with coordinated business rules
  • Quickly respond to market or customer needs by easily updating configuration, lifecycle and business logic in real-time
  • Manage customer orders including orchestration of order items, fulfilment logic and articles across your enterprise
  • Split and allocate order items for fulfilment based on business strategies. For example fulfilment from store. (urban warehouses)
  • Enable workflows for approval of pending refunds, export to call center’s, in order to create and manage customer orders throughout the entire journey

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Import and transform product content
  • Export product data in various formats
  • Manage product information including product images across all sales channels. (web, app, instore, facebook, amazon, etc)
  • Adjust and manage product properties such as washing prescriptions, color mapping/bucketing, etc.
  • View size availability via quick-view menu
  • Search products and product properties via Full text search
  • Review stock availability per size per store

Fully automated Image processor & Microsoft Azure CDN

  • Process product images in many different view types per type or category based on one original.
  • Rename them for SEO purposes to any naming convention. (name | category | EAN)
  • Accelerate performance and improve availability on all channels
  • Global coverage with massive scalability as we use Microsoft Azure CDN

Market place Management

  • Manage market places like bol.com, Zalando, amazon, Tmall and many more
  • Sell your stock in many places simultaneously
  • Manage your margins via business rules on maximum stock levels
  • Manage orders in market places as effectively as your own orders
  • Minimize stock locations: use drop shipments from one central DC