ORP (Omni-channel Retail Platform)

Wolfpack offers a high performing Omni-channel Retail Platform (ORP) to retailers that want to optimize their omni-channel customer journey, and improve internal efficiencies.

ORP connects back-end systems on price, catalogue and stock level in order to enrich product information and “disclose" the full or a subset of the catalogue to one to many sales channels. Key drivers like collection, price and inventory can be configured per channel. Key elements in ORP are:

  • PCM
    Manage & enrich product content and update to all sales channels
  • OMS
    Manage orders from all online and offline channels in one place
  • Channel Management
    Full 2-way connection with external sales channels such as POS, web, b2b. marketplaces and integrators
  • ESB
    Enterprise service Bus: Build on Microsoft Azure service fabric and Service Bus in order to take care of all traffic on a modern and scalable api platform. ORP is the connecting layer within an omni-channel IT infrastructure 

Most retailers have seen the number of sales channels drastically increase over the last decade. From physical stores to the start of the own branded webshop, customer service turning into a sales channel and the growth of sales via external market places. This often created 1-1 connections to manage data and orders. ORP is the connecting middle layer that allows optimal data management to all sales channels. 1-1 connections are replaced by 1 to many connections, creating a  scalable and cloud based architecture that is ready for the future



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