Wolfpack and TCOG: A Powerful Partnership

At Wolfpack, we are always on the lookout for companies that share our passion for innovation, our commitment to excellence, and our deep understanding of the retail industry.


That's why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with TCOG, a leading technology service provider active in the Netherlands and Belgium. Together, we are unlocking new sales channels for our clients, by combining our unique strengths and expertise.


“In partnership with Wolfpack, TCOG is able to more quickly create a complete unified commerce experience for its customers. The DNA of both companies aligns seamlessly, allowing us to move quickly and be successful!”


Rembrandt Kuijpers, Managing Partner, TCOG


Better Together

TCOG is well-known for implementing Microsoft's Dynamics 365 including LS retail, a powerful ERP solution that streamlines business operations for retailers and brands. At Wolfpack, our solution, ORP, sits on top of the Business Central ERP and connects all channels including stores, web shops, and marketplaces. This makes our collaboration a perfect fit, as TCOG's expertise in ERP systems complements our own expertise in omnichannel order, stock, and product management.


We have been working with TCOG mainly in the Netherlands, and have successfully served clients such as Sapph, Vingino, and Doabuy. The seamless integration between our ORP solution and Business Central has been instrumental in helping these clients unlock new sales channels and streamline their omnichannel operations.


The key to our successful collaboration lies in the way our teams know and understand each other. Both TCOG and Wolfpack share similar DNA – we get things done and have a strong focus on retail.


“Our combined knowledge and experience allow us to create unparalleled value for our clients, and this year is already an exciting one for starting new projects together.”


Koen Den Hollander, Co-Founder & CFO, Wolfpack


It’s Official

As part of this partnership, TCOG takes on project management for larger implementation projects and uses our ORP solution as their chosen tool for order, stock, and product management. Within that, we help consult on the process and implement the ORP as part of their standard connections. This close cooperation ensures that our clients receive the best possible solution, tailored to their specific needs.


We have been working together informally for about a year and decided to formalize our partnership in Q1 of this year. Our shared vision for growth extends beyond the Netherlands, as we hope to expand our collaboration in Belgium in the future.


This partnership is an important milestone in our ongoing strategy to work with selected partners who share our DNA, understand what we do, and have a strong technical background. By joining forces with TCOG, we are confident that we can continue to bring even more value to our clients and the retail industry as a whole.


Want to work with great people, or maybe you’re interested in partnerships? Either way, Wolfpack is ready to chat, so get in touch.

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