Teaming Up With Cow Hills

At Wolfpack, we value partnerships that drive customer success and satisfaction. Our longstanding relationship with Cow Hills is a prime example of this. In fact, we were customers of Cow Hills before we even started our own business, so it was inevitable that as soon as we could work together, it would happen.


By way of a quick introduction, Cow Hills is the largest provider of PoS software in the Netherlands, and they work with the likes of HEMA, Blokker, Rituals and Intertoys, to name just a few of their major retailer clients. We love that they like what we do, and we know that if they see our value, others certainly will.


“As Cow Hills, we are overjoyed with our partnership with Wolfpack. The seamless integration with our software and the perfect fit between the development teams has created a powerful synergy that allows us to achieve our shared goals with ease.” - Kees van der Veldt, CEO, Cow Hills


Working Closely From The Start

When we founded Wolfpack, Cow Hills was the first PoS system we connected with a client called B32, a fashion group with around 60 stores. Since then, we have worked on a bunch of joint projects, and we know that when we have big clients who need a reliable and high-performing PoS system, we can count on Cow Hills. Their system is flawless, and we are always happy to recommend it to our customers.


One of the things that sets the Wolfpack-Cow Hills partnership apart is the level of trust and collaboration between our two teams. We don't believe in software vendors playing the blame game, and that really isn't the case with us. Our executive and technical teams work seamlessly together, speaking the same language and using the same tech stack. This allows us to be more proactive and efficient in addressing any issues that may arise, always focusing on delivering the best solutions and services to our clients.


We recognize each other's expertise and the value that each of us brings to the table, and we rely on each other to deliver the best results for our customers. In fact, it was based on this relationship that Cow Hills invited us to work with them on a project for Cape Union Mart, which had over 400 stores. This South African project was our start in the region, and we’re super excited to be kicking off a new project with Cow Hills in SA in the coming months.


“At Wolfpack, we know that great things can happen when businesses collaborate, and we are proud to have Cow Hills as our partner in doing just that.” - Koen Den Hollander, Founder and CFO, Wolfpack


Fair Exchange

We believe in each other’s expertise, and often name-drop one another when we get the chance to advise customers on PoS or order/product management solutions. This is a sign of a great partnership, where we are always looking to help each other and lift the overall solution and value delivery. We love going to clients together and selling jointly, as we are very complementary, and while we specialize in different areas, we never get in each other's way and always work towards a common goal.


Looking ahead, we’re eager to deepen our connection with Cow Hills and continue to expand our functionality together. We are both looking at the Nordic market for new opportunities, and as our partnership grows, so does our ability to deliver greater value for any customer we onboard.


Need a PoS platform that links seamlessly with your backend product and order management? We guarantee that Wolfpack and Cow Hills can help.

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