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Sissy-Boy App

Sissy-Boy consumer app for iOS and Android. The resulting all native app proofs how brand-driven inspiration and sales-orientated functionality are a match made in heaven.

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Project Sissy-Boy App

World-class dropshipment order-process

Digitize the ordering process between Sissy-Boy and their furniture partner through all available sales channels…

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Project Eekhoorn

Sissy-Boy gift cards

Connecting the on- and offline journey by integrating the digital and physical gift card…

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In-store Sales Assistant

Implementation of instore retail app. Sales employees in store use this solution to sell products from the central DC stock, or other stores…

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Men At Work app

Customers are given the functionality to add items to a wishlist, allowing the app to match similar looks with related products within the app…

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Predictive recommendations

Based on the customer’s browsing and purchase history, resulting in personalized product suggestions within the webstore experience.

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