A dedicated ‘pack’ of digital natives
with retail intertwined in our DNA.

We are an experienced group of digital natives who believe that true omnichannel retailing requires a new software landscape that breaks through the current silo’s of stores and web. We develop smart solutions that make omnichannel retailing simpler and better for retailers, and optimize the shopping journey for consumers.

Omnichannel Retail Platform

Our core product is ORP: Omnichannel Retail Platform (Read more). This software solution enables retailers to manage their stock, product info & orders across all online and offline sales channels.

Built in Microsoft Services Fabric, ORP is an Enterprise Service Bus, OMS and PIM all in one.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Wolfpack is one of the largest developers of Salesforce Commerce Cloud webshops in the Netherlands. We also offer consumer apps and instore retail applications (Read more) for omni-channel retailers.

We are based in Amsterdam, conveniently located across the Ij river from Central Station. We are proud of our partnerships with the following brands: Sissy-Boy, Open32, MenatWork, Tumble ‘N Dry. KOI, Ontour, gsus & Hi-Tec.


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